Laser Therapy

There is now a way to avoid scalpels, bleeding, and sutures for gum procedures. We most often use our diode laser for recontouring and re-sculpting gum tissue when a patient’s smile is “too gummy” or when the gumline appears uneven. Using this technology also reduces the time it takes to heal, meaning you can get back to your regular schedule sooner than if you underwent traditional gum surgery.

Stepping into the Next Millennium With Laser Therapy

Awareness and treatment of periodontal disease has increased greatly over the past twenty years. However, the laser is also an integral part in the removal of infected, diseased, or inflamed gum tissue around the teeth. This can improve and reduce bleeding gums, loosened teeth, and deep periodontal pockets around the teeth, all of which are indicators of active gum disease. We can customize a program for you using laser therapy in order to get these symptoms under control and save your teeth. Click here for an article regarding the laser’s use in the fight against the devastating effects of periodontal disease.

In addition, the laser can be used for treatment of painful apthous ulcers (canker sores) and fever blisters in order to alleviate soreness and promote healing. It can also be used in the rare case that a patient may need a biopsy, greatly reducing healing times.