Intraoral Cameras

People seldom have a clear idea of the actual status of their dental health. Even with lights and mirrors, a patient can’t see what the dentist can – that is, until now.

A Clear Picture

Often, all patients know about their dental health status is what their dentists tell them. Patients have never been able to see what the dentist can see during a dental exam – until now. Intraoral cameras enable patients to see what is happening during a dental exam. At Afinia Dental, we use this technology for the benefit of our patients in Mason, Bridgetown, Eastgate, West Chester, and the surrounding areas.

When you come to Afinia Dental, the dentist or hygienist will use the intraoral camera, so you can see inside your mouth. The intraoral camera is covered with a disposable plastic sheath to prevent contamination. The small wand is inserted in the mouth and transmits video images to a television screen. You can view the inside of your mouth, while the dentist shows you problem areas and explains the treatment options to correct the problem.

We use intraoral cameras for more accurate diagnosis and patient education. Although many people avoid dentists, consider the benefits of early detection. When problems are found early, it is easier for the dentist to correct them and prevent the need for visits to emergency dentists or more extensive dental treatments. This innovative technology is especially useful for detecting gum disease and other problems that don’t initially cause pain.

In addition to detecting gum disease, decay and other dental problems, the camera can show how well our home hygiene is working. Based on this information, dentists and dental hygienists can educate about how to improve home care for better dental health. If you are looking for dentists or emergency dentists in Mason, Bridgetown, Eastgate, or West Chester, call Afinia Dental for advanced treatments and innovative technologies.