Full-Mouth Extractions

One of our main goals is to help you keep your teeth as long as possible. We take preventive measures to preserve and maintain your teeth, because tooth loss can have long-term effects on your oral and overall health. However, sometimes tooth extraction is the only solution. The doctors and staff understand that tooth extraction and full-mouth extraction especially can be a difficult decision for patients to make. We will work with you to help eliminate your anxiety and create a long-term solution that will ensure your lasting comfort.

Full-mouth extraction is often necessary for patients with severe tooth decay, periodontal disease, infections or abscesses, or fractured teeth. Many times, the patient experiences acute or chronic pain that can be relieved after full-mouth extraction. Once we have decided that full-mouth extraction is necessary, we’ll create a step-by-step plan for what we can do to restore your smile following the procedure. Many times, removable or implant-retained dentures provide the ideal solution for patients needing full-mouth extractions.

As experienced general dentists, all of our doctors at both practices can perform full-mouth extractions. Our gentle chairside manner and sedation methods (including IV sedation) will help alleviate any anxiety you have about the procedure. Your comfort will remain our top priority before, during, and after your extraction, and we always follow-up with patients to ensure their well-being.

After your mouth has healed, we can create a prosthetic that suits your needs. We can discuss comfortable dentures, customized to the contours of your mouth, dental implant-retained dentures, and mini-implant-retained dentures. Our dentists are proud to offer a wide variety of denture options to better serve your needs. We look forward to helping you make a decision that will promote confidence, health, and long-term satisfaction.