Dr. Oz Show Re-cap

Last month the Afinia team traveled to New York with some patients and guests to meet and greet Dr. Oz, and to participate in the taping of the Dr. Oz Show! While there, Dr. Oz and Dr. Killgore tackled some of the most controversial dentistry topics, and the two doctors discussed how dentistry is affecting our overall health on a daily basis. The team also met Bob Harper, celebrity trainer for The Biggest Loser, and Bob shared some valuable nutrition and exercise tips with the group.

The trip to New York is representative of Dr. Killgore’s growing status as the foremost dental expert in the Ohio valley. Because of their commitment to serving patients with top technology, top education, and the top team of dental experts, Dr. Killgore and Afinia are quickly becoming recognized as the region’s best dental group – even NBC is taking notice!

In February, Afinia was a guest of the Dr. Oz show sharing everyday health tips related to dental care.

(read original story). Afinia is excited to continue serving as a dentistry expert for Dr. Oz’s audience going forward!

Be on the lookout for Dr. Killgore’s call-in phone bank during an upcoming episode of the Dr. Oz show. Remember, Dr. Killgore and Afinia are always available to answer your dentistry questions.