Digital X-Rays

Serious issues including dental infections and oral cancer can occur without being visible to the naked eye or causing discomfort or pain. Because of these concerns, dental radiographs are essential to providing you with a full picture of your dental health during a checkup.

At Afinia Dental, we use digital X-ray technology instead of traditional film-based X-rays. This procedure reduces the amount of radiation you receive during your visit to our office by up to 90% compared to the exposure rates of traditional dental X-rays. And we think the less radiation that you and your family receive, the better.

A Safer and Easier Twist on a Necessary Part of Your Dental Visit

Using a digital sensor instead of traditional X-ray film, your radiographs are instantly available for us to view. This efficient technology means less time you have to spend in our dental office since there’s no need to wait for X-rays to be processed and developed. These images can also be enlarged and enhanced, enabling us to more thoroughly detect and diagnose any problems. It’s also good for the planet: there’s no need for the disposal of packaging materials or harmful processing chemicals into the environment. Click here for more information about our environmental efforts.

Dental X-rays may detect infections, damaged bone around the teeth, and otherwise undetectable tooth decay or problems below the gums.

The need for dental X-rays depends on each patient’s individual dental health needs. Your dentist will recommend necessary X-rays based upon the review of your medical and dental history, a dental exam, signs and symptoms, your age, and risk of disease.

Detecting and treating dental problems at an early stage may save you time, money, unnecessary discomfort, and ultimately, your teeth!