Digital Smiles Design Concept

Dr Andrew Killgore attended the first “Digital Smile Design Concept” course through the Kois Center in Seattle ( to gain an insight on a new technology that could transform the lives – and smiles – of hundreds of patients.
Digital Smile Design takes digital imagery of a patient, and by using complex Dynamic Facial Analysis, creates an onscreen model of the patients face. By deriving the patient’s bone structure, the software can evaluate and display the effect of any dental work that would be performed on the patient before the work is even started.
This allows different techniques and procedures to be “tried out” and gives a visual representation of the outcome to both the dentist and the patient. The result will be a smile that has been chosen by the patient as the most appealing.
As Dr. Andrew Killgore says, “I love bringing the latest developments in dentistry back to our top-notch dental practices. The doctors are incredibly caring and gifted and are hungry to bring excellence to our patients. They are ready to embrace the imaging offered by DSD to let the patient see a before and after smile simulation. It is fun because they can participate with us to build the smile of their dreams.”
He is not alone in his enthusiasm as Dr. Mary Hudepohl is piloting the DSD effort at Afinia Dental’s Westchester location. She says, “I am excited about this opportunity because it is cutting edge technology and will enable me to provide a unique service that few dentists can provide.”
Seeing how the smile will look before the procedure begins will give patients greater confidence that the work will be to their satisfaction and will provide a guide for the dental practitioner to work to. No two faces are quite the same, and the unique structure of each individual will be incorporated in the treatment plan recommended by the software.
Patients can discover more about the process via Digital Smile Design on Vimeo ( More information can be found in the Mockup and Treatment Plan video ( Future applications will include connecting the system to other platforms including those used to design 3D orthodontics, giving a complete digital dental preview system.
Dr. Killgore is a graduate of the Kois Center, an Evidence Based Dental Teaching Center that provides advanced graduate level training for practicing dentists. Digital Smile Design is a new technology-based service that uses digital imaging to help patients and dentists design the final appearance of a patient’s smile.