General Dentistry

Your family needs general dentistry to keep your smiles going strong. You need cleanings, checkups, sealants, mouthguards…well you get the picture. But why settle for general and family dentistry that feels like a drive-through?

At Afinia Dental, even the most basic dentistry is presented with extraordinary care.

We take you and your health seriously. In fact, they are our priority. Preventing problems before they start is the best way to maintain a healthy smile for life! In fact, most people call our general dentistry preventive care instead.

Comprehensive Exams

Even exams are nice when there is so much personal comfort involved. Relax with a neck pillow and aromatherapy while we check your gums and other soft tissue for inflammation or the first signs of oral cancer, take digital x-rays (for clearer images and lower exposure to radiation), and examine your jaw for symptoms of TMJ disorder. Keeping up with regular exams allows us to keep a close eye on your smile – if something looks wrong, we can take care of the problem before it develops into a major issue.

Periodontal Therapy

If we discover an infection brewing in your gums – it can happen without noticeable symptoms – our advanced periodontal treatments can get you back on the path to health in a jiffy! We deep clean under and around your gums, then place a topical antibiotic in the gum pockets that works to clear and heal over time. If your infection is severe, we may prescribe oral antibiotics as well.


Some teeth need a little extra TLC. Kids, for example, who aren’t old enough to brush efficiently or who have deep grooves and fissures in their teeth. Adults can have these deep grooves as well, and that gives bacteria and plaque a cozy place to hide, increasing everyone’s chance for cavities and decay. We solve these problems with sealants. Sealants are made of resin painted on the surface of the tooth to fill the grooves and make the tooth surface smoother and oh, so much easier to clean.

Cleanings and Hygiene

Keeping your teeth clean keeps them sparkling. But this doesn’t just mean brushing and flossing well at home! You really need professional cleanings to remove bacterial buildup like plaque and tarter because it doesn’t all come off with a toothbrush no matter how careful you are. We also clean under the gumline to keep your gums healthy and free of infection. If you are nervous about cleanings, gag easily, or can’t sit still comfortably, don’t worry. We offer all the comfort amenities for cleanings as well – even sedation.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments are especially important for little teeth, but adults can sometimes benefit from them too. The truth is, every time your child drinks a big glass of juice or eats some sour candy, every time you sip a sports drink, coffee, or eat grapefruits, for example, your enamel is compromised by the acids. And we all know what sweets do to our teeth! Fluoride treatments help remineralize and protect teeth against these attacks. It’s a great way for anyone to fight off cavities!


Fluoride isn’t the only thing we use to protect your precious teeth – we offer mouthguards too! Mouthguards are the perfect solution for active children and adults who want to protect their teeth. They can even help prevent concussions! And to protect your teeth against clenching, grinding, and wear while you sleep, ask us about nightguards.


We work to make general family dentistry as convenient as possible with the availability of family appointments, after school or work hours, and all the dentistry you need in one comfortable and neighborly office. It’s just another way we make keeping your natural smile easy and even a little fun!