Cosmetic Dentistry

Smiles just make the world go round. A smile makes friends out of strangers, changes your mood from blue to bright, and creates a glow no matter where you are. But if you have lost confidence in your smile you are missing out on so much joy and opportunity.


You are not alone, and Afinia Dental wants to help.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Most Americans agree that a smile is an important social and professional asset, but less than half of them are truly satisfied with their smiles! At Afinia Dental, we believe that everyone should experience the benefits of a beautiful smile. A healthy, attractive smile can renew your confidence, improve your well-being, and let you fully experience the joy of life. And now, advances in modern dental science makes cosmetic dentistry accessible to many more people than ever before. In fact, all of our dentistry is cosmetic.

Why wait to begin enjoying the life-enhancing effects of a confident, youthful, well-balanced smile? Schedule a cosmetic consultation today. We will work with you develop a treatment plan that works both for your schedule and your wallet. We look forward to helping you realize your smile’s full potential.

Whitening – Zoom & Custom

A frothy cappuccino. A slice blueberry pie. A few sips of your favorite Tempranillo wine. And suddenly it seems your smile is dull, dingy, and dimly lit. It’s time for a whitening from Afinia Dental! We offer Zoom! in-office tooth bleaching for a smile up to nine shades brighter. We also offer custom options for the most effective in-office or take-home options for your individual smile. So go on – enjoy life. Then get your smile over to Afinia for a smile you can show off no matter what you eat.


Lots of things are veneered. Inexpensive wood can be covered in a rare veneer and suddenly what was a bit shabby is suddenly tres chic. White metal can be covered with a veneer of gold, and an inexpensive piece of jewelry looks priceless. The same thing can be done with tooth veneers. Our beautiful porcelain veneers mimic the perfect tooth surface to transform your smile from damaged, dull, gapped, or misshapen to radiantly healthy. Each veneer is custom made to complement you and your desired appearance and bonded to your teeth for unbelievable strength and beauty. Ask us if veneers should be your choice for total smile renewal.

Tooth Recontouring

Uneven or jagged teeth can ruin a perfectly nice smile. We have an easy and convenient solution. Tooth recontouring sculpts and refines your teeth to restore harmony and symmetry without invasive measures or costly reconstruction. It is the convenient and affordable way to enhance your entire look!

Cosmetic Dentures

Not all dentures are created equal; some are ill fitting and age your face. Who wants that? We think our patients deserve something a little better – cosmetic dentures. Unlike denture mill dentures, these dentures are made of the highest quality materials for a more life-like appearance, and they are always custom made for improved fit, comfort, and facial support. That’s right! Unlike traditional dentures, our cosmetic dentures help support your face and keep you looking younger longer. Now those are dentures you might be happy to live with!

Composite Bonding

Do you have some chips you’d live to have repaired? Small gaps you wish would disappear? Stains that won’t budge with even the most powerful whitening? Composite tooth bonding might be the solution you’ve wished for. Our dentists will artfully shade bonding material and apply it directly to your tooth, sculpting and shaping for an appearance no one will realize is not your own. Our patients love the results.  And because we do it all right here in our office, it is one of our most convenient cosmetic dentistry options as well.

Adult Orthodontics

Are you an adult who wants a straight smile but thinks braces are just for kids? Think again! Afinia Dental offers two great options for discreetly straightening your smile – Six Month Smiles and Invisalign. Click on the service below to learn more.