Afinia Teams Give Back in Monterrey, Mexico

March 9th to the 12th, the Afinia Teams traveled to Monterrey Mexico to participate in giving back to those in need of dental care at a local clinic there. The Afinia Dental teams just returned from the second 2018 Mission trip to Monterrey, Mexico,October 9th-12th, 2018 sharing their caring dentistry with those in need. I often share the story of how the Afinia teams partner with Back to Back Ministries to give back to a clinic treating over 500 orphans and their caretakers. There are daily success stories and long-reaching ones when you undertake to share dental treatment and skills to those in need. The incredible success story is how far Dr. Killgore and the Afinia teams have brought this Monterrey clinic in five years.

Taking a look back, five years ago, Afinia donated a pano, treated countless little children by performing extractions, treating severe dental issues that had been left untreated and truly started what has been an amazing journey. This past month, the Killgore’s and our Afinia teams were able to truly feel and recognize the difference they are making. They treated 48 kids, 3 caregivers, repaired the pano that had been having problems, confirmed sterilization protocols (above standard of care for Mexico), completed many diagnoses, fillings, a few extractions and even general cosmetic work. The majority of the children and caretakers, other than those new to the program, are now stable, healthy and just in need of cleanings.

Five years, big hearts, caring teams and a world of difference for all. We now are preparing to begin a new cycle in Cancun, Mexico at their new clinic for the next few trips and can begin this cycle of success for a new area in need. This both touches and humbles my heart and I am proud to work for and be affiliated with a family dental group that stays consistent in their drive to give back in such a powerful way. Thank you to all of the teams and the Killgores for making such a difference and for being part of something so phenomenal and life changing!