About Afinia Dental


In 2009, Afinia Dental was founded as a family owned dental group to serve our patients, their families and our community.  We are located in Eastgate, Bridgetown, Mason/Fields-Ertel & West Chester. The name Afinia is derived from the word affinity, which is defined as a natural attraction to or strong liking for an idea.   Afinia Dental’s four privately owned family dental offices share a common vision of providing compassionate, high-quality dentistry that is custom, comfortable, and convenient.  ” We exist for the purpose of serving...our patients, our community, and - in the context of the dental missions we travel to yearly,  the world.


Af•fin•i•ty, n.


“An attraction to or liking for something.”


Our Philosophy



    Frederick Buechner, Author, describes the meaning of compassion in these words: “Compassion is sometimes the fatal capacity for feeling what it is like to live inside someone else’s skin. It is the knowledge that there can never really be any peace & joy for me until there is peace & joy for you too.”



    Efficiently using systems & training to empower employees to consistently produce exceptional care. We thrive by making smart deci-sions that better our practices.



    We perform our daily activities with precision & enthusiasm and we are fully engaged in the process of serving our patients.



    We hold each other responsible, and ourselves liable, for the obligations expected of us. We choose to embrace change and develop practices that create positive impacts in dentistry.



    We provide an environment that encourages team members to be mindful & courteous of each other. We encourage our team members to recognize one another for achievements & contributions.


Ways We Serve Our Patients

Our dentists and each of our offices continue to look for ways to participate in community events allowing us to give back to our communities.  

Afinia Dental created and implements The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway at each location, allowing our dentists and their offices to select patients each day for 12 days and the winning patients receive various dental tools and services to help them continue on a path to healthy teeth and gums.   Afinia has donated tens-of-thousands of dollars of free dentistry through our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway over the last few years.

Afinia Dental's Mission Discount Dental Plan is offered to individuals without dental insurance to provide preventative care and dental care at reduced prices. We believe everyone should have access to quality dental care so by offering the Mission Discount Dental Plan, we help patients without insurance get the care they need.  


Ways We Serve Our Local Community

Our dentists participate in our community through our involvement with the Donated Dental Services Program (DDS). This is a collaborative program for dentists to reach out to help people with special needs.

We volunteer by sponsoring “Afinia Cares Day” Each year to provide the opportunity for people to receive the urgent dental care they need at no cost. Afinia has donated tens-of-thousands of dollars of free dentistry at Afinia Cares Day events over the last few years.

The Mission Discount Dental Plan is offered to individuals without dental insurance to provide preventative care and dental care at reduced prices.


Ways We Serve Our Global Community

Dr. Killgore and his team are dedicated to giving back, both locally and through their work with Third World Missions. He has traveled to areas that include Uganda, Bolivia, and the Dominican Republic. Afinia Dental also teams with Back to Back Ministries to work with a dental clinic in Monterrey, Mexico that provides free dentistry to orphans and their caretakers. Dedicated teams from Afinia Dental travel to Monterrey, Mexico annually to spend their time and share their skills giving back to those in need in Monterrey.

Watch Us In Action

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